Triberr “Campaigns” – Yet Another Reason to Join!

Triberr’s finally cornered the market on Awesome! Without question the best platform available for bloggers!

Still not on Triberr? WHY NOT?Campaign ID-10068595 (2)

Not sure its worth “Free“?

Increased blog traffic not all that important to you?

Growing a twitter following, too 2012?

Ramped up engagement just not your thing?

Becoming an Influencer ain’t what it used to be?

What about MONETIZING your blog?

Dan Cristo and Dino Dogan just announced the addition of  “Triberr Campaigns”.  Triberr is working with various brands to form campaigns that Triberr members can participate in. Leverage your brand “influence” and get paid to do what your already doing – developing your brand, growing your influence, and blogging!

Check out this video to learn more (great job Dan Cristo btw)!

Brands will align with Triberr to create a campaign. Triberrmembers may be invited to participate in a campaign, or can apply to join. A campaign is essentially the formation of a “tribe” around a brand or product. Members agree to a certain number of blogs in one month, and to share brand content created by their tribemates.

Fulfill the “influencer” requirements and get paid. Brilliant!

Visit Triberr to learn more!

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