This Week in Search: Your SEO Insider No. 60

Get the inside scoop on all of the biggest changes, best practices, and most effective tips for search engine optimization for the period of October 18th – November 7th, 2015.

SEO Round up

I’ve sorted through hundreds of articles and filtered out the misinformation, hype, and black hat tactics that will waste your time or, even worse, earn you a Google penalty. What’s left is the best and most up-to-date information from some of the most knowledgeable and trusted people in the industry – enjoy!

Don’t miss:

  • Google’s new Artificial Intelligence is the 3rd most important factor in ranking web pages
  • How to rank for local search
  • SEO for “service-area businesses”
  • Content Marketing and SEO
  • Social Media and SEO
  • Understanding Semantic Search
  • and more . . .

Google News

On October 26th, we learned that Google is using a machine-learning artificial intelligence (AI) system to help with its search results, and that it is the 3rd most important factor in ranking web pages.

FAQ: All About the New Google RankBrain Algorithm by Danny Sullivan on Search Engine Land

Local SEO

Now that mobile search has surpassed desktop search, should you be giving it more of your attention? Data from Search Metrics recent Mobile Ranking Factors, 2015 report provides important insights into mobile search and where business owners and marketers should focus their mobile efforts.

Research Reveals What it Takes to Rank in Mobile Search Results by Jayson DeMers on Search Engine Land


A Simple Guide to SEO for Local Businesses [Infographic] by Lindsay kolowich on Hubspot

Local SEO [Infographic]


Unlike businesses with a brick-and-mortar storefront, service-area businesses (or SABs) go out to meet with their customers, as opposed to their customers coming to see them. This often results in them servicing multiple cities, which can be problematic—the #1 ranking factor in local SEO is the physical address of the business. In addition, business owners are also usually concerned about privacy, as many of them use their home address and can’t utilize some of the features that Google offers small businesses (like Indoor Street View).

This guide will show you how you can maximize your presence on Google and reach more people in your local market.

Getting on the Map: The Intro to Local SEO for SABS (service area businesses) by Joy Hawkins on Moz Blogs


Have you been hearing that Google+ is dead? Wondering about the importance of Google My Business for your marketing efforts? Read on . . .

Google My Business Pages: Why They Should Still be a Part of Your SEO Strategy by Charley Vail on SIM Partners


Your business should be on Google My Business, Yelp, and other popular business review sites. Learn how to find review sites for your business.

Beyond Yelp: How to Find (and Push) the Right Reputation Review Sites by Jean Dion on Search Engine Journal


Businesses are recognizing the importance of reviews for search results and click-through rates, and many are tempted to incentivize their customers to leave a review. However, according to the FTC’s (Federal Trade Commission), the Truth in Advertising guidelines require that all “incentivized” reviews be publicly  identified or the business risks being in violation of the “truth in advertising” laws.

Review Incentives? Are the Benefits Worth the Cost? by Mike Blumenthal on the GetFiveStars blog


The Better Business Bureau is one of the few directories that I regularly recommend small businesses pay for. Not only does your association with the BBB add a layer of trust to your business, but it had always provided a nice backlink, which is benefits your SEO effots. Is it still worth it now that their links are “nofollow” (meaning that they don’t pass any authority on to the business)?

Better Business Bureau Nofollows Links to Businesses by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Roundtable


How should blogging fit into your local SEO strategy?

5 Things to Pay Attention to When Considering Local SEO and Your Blog by Larry Alton on ProBlogger

Organic SEO

To the surprise of many, Content Marketing should have always been part of a well rounded SEO strategy.

How to Combine SEO with Content Marketing to Maximize Traffic by Neil Patel on Quicksprout


Here’s How Social Media Affects Your Ranking by Dennis Seymour on leapfroggr


Image SEO: Alt Tag and Title Tag Optimization by Joost de Valk on Yoast


How to Make Your URLs SEO Friendly by Michiel Heijmans on Search Engine Journal

Link Building

Really an effective strategy that is too often overlooked.

The Most Important Thing SEOs Overlook: Internal Links by Patrick Stox on Search Engine Land


Are Backlinks Still Important for Achieving High Google Rankings? by Marcus Tober on Econsultancy

Semantic Search

You’ve been hearing about it for a couple of years now. These three articles will give you a much better idea of what Semantic Search is, and how it could benefit your online presence.

What is Semantic Search and Why Does It Matter? by Christopher Ratcliff on Search Engine Watch


The Definitive Guide to Google’s Rich Answers by Eric Enge on Stone Temple Consulting blog


How do I Get a Search Box to Appear in My Site’s Search Results? by Christopher Ratcliff on Search Engine Watch


Referrer Spam is still distorting Google Analytics reports for many businesses. This article does a nice job of explaining it, and offering a solution.

What is Referrer Spam and How Do You Get Rid of It? by Shane Jones on Search Engine Journal

Thanks for reading! As always, your shares, comments, and questions are welcomed and appreciated!

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