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  • Is User Experience (UX) a ranking factor?
  • Bing changes local search UX  for home buyers/renters
  • Picking the best “Barnacle” sites for your industry

Understanding SEO

User Experience is undeniably an important element in the success of your business online (or offline for that matter). Is it an SEO ranking factor? Hmmm . . .

This is still an area of debate among SEOs. The search engines certainly have information that could be used, and like authorship and social signals, UX as a ranking signal intuitively makes sense.

In the following video, Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting, outlines his views on UX as a ranking factor.

Why Quality User Experience is an SEO Ranking Factor? by Mark & Eric on Stone Temple Consulting

. . . if I had to distill SEO down to a few key points, it would be this:

  1. SEO is about user experience
  2. Links are important.
  3. And, yep, title tags are important, too.
  4. It’s cliche, but content is king.

4 Things SEO Newbies Need to Know by Neil Patel on Search Engine Journal

The Blunt and Brutal Honest Truth About SEO by Thomas Armitage on SteamFeed

Local SEO

If your business’s search terms return big directory or aggregator sites (i.e. Yelp, Angie’s List) in the top organic positions, you should consider adding Barnacle SEO to your SEO strategies. Barnacle SEO is the process of optimizing your business to rank well on those directory or aggregator sites.

For example, in this search for Las Vegas Real Estate:

Barnacle SEO

The top 5 results are,, Craigslist, and – all large directory style, high authority sites – sites which the average independent real estate agent is not likely to displace in the rankings.

In this situation, in addition to their regular SEO work, the agents should register and optimize their listing on the higher ranking, directory style site – attach themselves to that site like a barnacle to a ship – and try to use its position to promote their services.

How to Pick the Best Barnacle SEO Sites: A Checklist by Phil Rozek on Local Visibility System

Search Engine News

Bing makes it easier to learn about the neighborhood around the house you’re looking at.

Local Sources Teach Bing Users About Their New Neighborhood by Yuyu Chen on Search Engine Watch

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Brent is a REALTOR with Keller Williams in Henderson (Las Vegas valley) NV. He has a background in digital marketing and is a nationally recognized SEO expert. In addition to this blog, he is a VIP contributor to Search Engine Journal and has been syndicated through SteamFeed, Social Media Today and B2C.
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