This Week in Search No. 71

Get the inside scoop on all of the biggest changes, best practices, and most effective tips for search engine optimization for the weeks of February 7th – February 20th, 2016.

SEO Round up

I’ve sorted through hundreds of articles and filtered out the misinformation, hype, and black hat tactics that will waste your time or, even worse, earn you a Google penalty. What’s left is the best and most up-to-date information from some of the most knowledgeable and trusted people in the industry – enjoy!

Don’t miss:

  • Google removes ads along the right-hand side of the Search Engine Results Pages
  • Warnings for Food bloggers
  • Local link building ideas
  • and more . . .

Search Engine Optimization

How to Optimize for Competitor’s Branded Keywords by Rand Fishkin on Moz blog


How to Optimize Your Content for Google’s Featured Snippet Box by Matthew Barby on Hubspot Blogs


Page Load Speed: 15 Ways to Boost SEO by Nora Flint on Positionly Blog

If you’re a food blogger and on WordPress, you need to read this article. You may be being penalized by Google.


WordPress Recipe Plugins Causing Rich Snippet Manual Actions by Jennifer Slegg on The SEM Post

Local SEO

Two thirds of consumers start their local search somewhere other than Google – where else your business needs to be listed?

Where Local Searches Start: Learning Where to Market Your Small Business by Bernadette Coleman on Search Engine Journal


2 great resources for acquiring local backlinks.

The Ultimate List of Local Link Building Ideas by Mike Ramsey on Nifty Blog

How to Find Opportunities for Local Link Building by Jessie Low on The Whitespark Blog


Despite Google’s instructions to the contrary, choosing multiple business ‘categories’ in Google My Business still seems to help improve rankings.

Can You Trust The Google My Business Guidelines? by Dan Leibson on Local SEO Guide

Google Analytics

6 Ways to Use Google Analytics You Haven’t Thought Of  by Ryan Hanley on Search Engine Journal

Google News

Big news from Google this week! Google removes ads from along right-hand side of search engine results pages (SERPs), but adds a 4th advertisement to the top for some searches.

Four Ads on Top: The Wait is Over by Dr. Peter J. Meyers on Moz blogs

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