Do You T-r-i-b-e-double rrrrrr?

“… it takes only two things to turn a group of people into a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate” ~ Seth Godin, Tribes

Triberr TribeBlogging is often perceived to be a solitary endeavor. The image of the individual huddled in the basement plucking away at a keyboard all hours of the night is a cliche that still resonates with a lot of people (admittedly, not always inaccurately).

It is only more recently in my development as a blogger (baby steps – lots of baby steps) that I have come to realize that it does not have to be that way.

Part of that realization has been a natural evolution as I have become more comfortable in the blogosphere and have started reaching out more often to participate on other blogs through guest posting and commenting, but some of it has been the result of joining Triberr two months ago.

Triberr, founded by blogger Dino Dogan, is “a free platform which enables bloggers to band together and share in each other’s audience.”

I’m generally pretty cynical when it comes to tools that are meant to be help “increase your social reach” or “grow your following”, and have gotten pretty good at ignoring platforms on the periphery of social media – not always to my benefit I’m sure.

So it was that I managed to ignore Triberr up until 2 months ago. I was reading a post by Bill Dorman that mentioned Triberr – no a glowing praise or recommendation of it – just a casual mention, but it was the tipping point for me. I decided that I should check it out.

What is Triberr?

Triberr is a community for bloggers. It allows you to join other like minded (at least in subject area) bloggers to form a tribe. The basic tenet of the community, is that by joining a tribe you are agreeing to support and promote other tribe member’s work to your followers.

How Does Triberr Work?

Once you have joined a tribe – which is not always easy to do (more later) – and have connected your blog’s RSS feed to your Triberr account, then you share a dashboard with your other tribe members.

Your dashboard displays your “Tribal Stream” – a listing and link to every blog that is published by your tribe. You then have the option of “sharing” that blog with your followers. The most common action is a twitter share, but you can also share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+; submit it to Stumble Upon or give it a thumbs up or down.

Benefits of Triberr?

I am a fan of Triberr! It has been a great experience for me, and I would whole heartedly recommend it to bloggers. My current Triberr reach is 760,449, but I’ve seen several with a reach of over 5 million or more.

Through Triberr I’ve:

  • found several new blogs to follow
  • met some great people
  • expanded my Twitter following
  • increased Twitter engagement
  • grown my blog readership
  • increase my blog engagement (again – baby  steps).

Although not everyone in my tribe is true to the “sharing spirit” most of my tribe-mates have become valued contacts.

Joining a Tribe?

This may be the most challenging aspect of getting started on Triberr.

Join a Tribe: You can search Tribes by subject area. If you leave 3 comments on the blogs of one tribe, Triberr sends the tribe leader (the person that started the tribe) a recommendation to invite you to join the tribe. Although this is the way that I eventually found my first tribe, it was my experience that most tribes did not respond to the recommendation.

Post a Message: The “Bonfires” tab acts as a community message board. You can go here to find tribes looking for members, or to post that you are looking for a tribe. I have only had limited experience with the message boards, but so far have found them somewhat unreliable.

Start a New Tribe: Anyone can start a tribe, so if  you know other bloggers that might be interested, this may be the best way to get going.

Join My New Tribe: I have just started a new tribe. If you are interested in, and blog about some aspect of Internet Marketing, and would like to give Triberr a trial, please let me know in the contact section below and I will send you an invite.

However you choose to get started, be patient, it is well worth the wait and limited effort.

Okay, your turn – have you tried Triberr? What has been your experience?

Thanks for reading. As always questions and comment are welcomed and appreciated.

photo credit: wonderfulhorriblelife via photo pin cc

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