Real-Time SEO and Marketing Case Study: Las Vegas Real Estate – Part 2

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I’m working with Darcy Price, a Las Vegas Property Manager and Realtor, and will be sharing our strategies, successes and disappointments in this real-time SEO case study. Read Part One to learn more about his business and this project.

On-going marketing work was delayed, but will begin this week. This blog article will cover the initial work that was completed in January and February of 2015.

Marketing Work

 1) Website

The first priority was a new website – the “hub” for his online marketing. We agreed that it should be clean, simple, and professional, and that it should be on the WordPress platform.

The initial Keyword Categories  were used to determine the pages to be included in the new website.

For those unfamiliar with Las Vegas, the Las Vegas valley actually incorporates 3 cities; Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. In addition, although not an official city, many refer to an area on the western side of Las Vegas as Summerlin.

Keyword Categories to consider:

  • Las Vegas Real Estate
  • Las Vegas Property Management
  • Homes for Sale
  • Condos for Sale
  • Townhomes for Sale
  • Homes for Rent
  • Condos for Rent
  • North Las Vegas Real Estate
  • Summerlin Real Estate
  • Henderson Real Estate
  • Henderson Property Management
  • New Homes
  • Apartments for Rent
  • Luxury Real Estate

Although New Homes, Apartments for Rent, and Luxury Real Estate all show significant search volume, his office isn’t currently involved in these markets.

The new website can be seen at

Henderson Real Estate

Each page was organized around a keyword phrase. That keyword was included in the Title Tag, H-tag, Alt. text (for images) and within the text of the page.

The full address and local phone number was added to the footer so that it would appear on every page.

Address in fotter

Google Analytics was set up so that changes in monthly traffic could be monitored.

2) Registered with the Search Engines for Local Search

  1. Registered and verified the Henderson office and Las Vegas home office with Google My Business (Google Maps)
  2. Set up and verified the Henderson office and Las Vegas home office on Bing Places.
  3. Created business account at Yahoo Small Business.

3) Started Building Citations (building listings)

Although there are hundreds of possible citations, and we will be building more in the future, I started out with the major players. Yelp, Foursquare, and the Local Data Aggregators.

  1. Yelp for Business 
  2. Foursquare
  3. Acxiom
  4. Best of the Web
  5. Factual
  6. Infogroup
  7. Localeze
  8. Superpages

NOTE: Foursquare, Acxiom, Best of the Web, Factual, Infogroup, Localeze, and Superpages can all be set up through a MOZ Local Account (this is NOT an affiliate link – I do not have a business relationship with MOZ, I’m just a satisfied customer 🙂 ) for $85 per year.

4) Set up Social Media Accounts

  1. Facebook Business Page
  2. LinkedIn Personal Account
  3. Twitter Account
  4. Google+ Business Page
  5. Pinterest
  6. Instagram



May Organic Traffic

* it is primarily the Organic traffic that will be impacted by SEO

SEO Traffic

Organic Traffic

Keyword Ranking

Keyword Ranking


Keyword Rankings are improving, although they won’t really have a significant impact until we rank on the first page (positions 1-10) or in the Local Pack (Google Maps). Overall traffic is improving, as is Organic traffic.

Check back in early July August for the next update. We’re going to start publishing content and becoming more active on social media in the next few weeks.

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Brent is a REALTOR with Keller Williams in Henderson (Las Vegas valley) NV. He has a background in digital marketing and is a nationally recognized SEO expert. In addition to this blog, he is a VIP contributor to Search Engine Journal and has been syndicated through SteamFeed, Social Media Today and B2C.

4 Responses to Real-Time SEO and Marketing Case Study: Las Vegas Real Estate – Part 2

  1. James Quine September 26, 2015 at 7:49 pm #

    It’s after August. What’s the update?

  2. Jerry October 6, 2016 at 12:28 pm #

    I agree that SEO ‘search engine optimization’ is largely misunderstood and underappreciated in terms of the value versus investment equation.

    It is however correct that SEO is one component of a broader internet marketing or digital marketing platform development. SEO being crucial to traffic generation. Both on page & off page optimization are critical for conversion, the conversion of the traffic stimulated by SEO into sales. There is also lead generation aspects as well.

    In the end SEO if done correctly is without question an investment not an expense as there are few activities that will generate as high of an ROI as search engine optimization will.

  3. December 12, 2016 at 2:08 pm #

    SEO is definitely misunderstood greatly. They think that putting a lot of words on their website then google’s job is to push them to the top. This could result in keyword stuffing. They do not understand that there is local schema involved and many other factors. Well written article.

  4. SEO Houston November 30, 2017 at 10:54 pm #

    To understand SEO, you first have to understand the role of search engines. When your website is fully ready and enlisted in various directories, it is time to let search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to know your presence. For that, you have to index your website in the search engines. Once you have successfully indexed your site, you will see a higher conversion rate and subsequently more sale.

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