Real-Time SEO and Marketing Case Study: Las Vegas Real Estate – Part 3

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This is the 3rd in a series of articles summarizing the efforts and results of SEO and marketing work on behalf of Las Vegas Property Manager and REALTOR® Darcy Price (SEE Article #1, Article #2).

The intent behind this project is to add some transparency to both the work process and results involved in search engine optimization, and to a lesser extent, general online marketing.

Our marketing efforts are still moving relatively slowly as Darcy wants to make sure that his website and office staff is ready if/when new leads start to come in. I expect that everything will be in place later this month.

1) Website:

The website continues to be a work in progress as we make additions and changes to help with both SEO and improving the User Experience.

  1. IDX Software: added a software to integrate with, and display, the MLS. It provides custom search options for visitors, enables the display of “featured” properties (both in the “all properties” format, and individual optimized pages for each property), and allows the creation of custom, search engine optimized, search pages (i.e. pages set up and optimized for popular searches – location, styles, features).
  2. Added Content to existing pages: There is definitely a connection between the number of words on a page and search engine rankings – longer form content tends to rank higher. As such, we’ve added content to beef up some of the existing search pages. Note: content should only be added if it provides quality, useful information for visitors to the site.
  3. Added New Pages: Pages will continue to be added to the website as time allows and monitoring suggests a need for them.
    • the “Buy/Sell” page was divided into two distinct pages so that they could be better optimized for search
    • an “Agents” page was added to provide information to other agents visiting the site
    • specific “neighborhood” search pages will be added for popular areas (i.e. Sun City Anthem is a popular area in Henderson). Additionally, pages may be added in the future for searches related to homes around golf courses, age-restricted neighborhoods, and more.
  4. External Links: most “link-building” conversations revolve around acquiring backlinks (links from other websites that point to your website), however, it is also important to link out to other high authority, industry related sites. Google see’s this as a sign of a natural link profile and a helpful website. Through buttons, we added links to trulia, Zillow,, and other real estate sites. Association with these well known real estate brands also helps to build the visitor’s trust in our brand.

external links

2) Barnacle SEO:

The search engine results pages (SERPs) for many of the broad “Real Estate” related search terms (i.e. Las Vegas Real Estate) are dominated by the major Real Estate directory style sites.

Real Estate SEO

The Barnacle SEO strategy involves “attaching” yourself to these sites – set up and optimize an account – and using their authority to bring you traffic

Although “optimization” will be an on-going process, we did establish accounts with some of the bigger sites (i.e. Zillow, trulia,, Active Rain,

3) Blogging:

Blogging will be an important part of our on-going marketing and SEO efforts. Moving forward, our goal will be to publish more frequently and on a more consistent schedule, however, we did get it set up and started – posting 6 articles over the past two months.

We also established a Triberr account, and joined relevant tribes, to help distribute our blog content.

4) Social Media:

As with blogging, our use of social media so far, had been sporadic. Again, our plan for the future is to participate more frequently and consistently. We’ve started using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, with plans to add YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Organic (results of SEO) and referral traffic (filtered to show only legitimate referral traffic) are improving. We’re still hovering outside of the Top 10 (1st page) for most keywords and not showing up on the local pack yet.

July results

Near term, our future work will include continuing to monitor and edit existing SEO, beefing up our barnacle SEO efforts, adding new pages, regularly publishing new blog posts, and more consistent social media activity.

Thanks for reading, check back again for new updates. Your questions, comments and shares are welcomed!

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Brent is a REALTOR with Keller Williams in Henderson (Las Vegas valley) NV. He has a background in digital marketing and is a nationally recognized SEO expert. In addition to this blog, he is a VIP contributor to Search Engine Journal and has been syndicated through SteamFeed, Social Media Today and B2C.
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