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Meta Description Tag Best Practices

While the Meta Description Tag is still part of most SEO services, plug-ins, software packages, and discussions, it no longer actually contributes to SEO or your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. This has led to wide spread  indifference regarding the MDT – resulting in it either being ignored completely, or written with little thought or effort. […]

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Local SEO: Creating Citations

What is a Citation? Citations are listings, or mentions, of your website on other web pages – they act somewhat like links for “Local” SEO. However, a citation may or may not actually link back to your website, and unlike a good backlink, acquiring them is typically in your control through a registration process. The […]

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Content Marketing Myth

The “Write Good Content” Myth

There’s a common misconception among many business owners and some marketers that SEO has become easier the past couple of years – that “good content” can substitute for, or replace, search engine optimization (SEO). Although this idea has been around for sometime, it understandingly gained momentum and traction in late 2013, after Google introduced the […]

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Does Google Make Robocalls?

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve undoubtedly received robocalls from a company implying that it is Google, or is closely affiliated with Google, alerting you to shortcomings in your SEO. I’ve received these calls, as have many of my clients. Not only are these spam phone calls not from Google, they are, in most cases, illegal. […]

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This Week in Search: Your SEO Insider No. 50

For this week’s milestone 50th edition of Your SEO Insider, some of the smartest, most trusted names in the SEO industry share their insights into what they see as the most important SEO trends or strategies for business owners and marketers. Don’t miss: Original Content from Eric Enge, Ana Hoffman, Neil Patel, Phil Rozek, and many […]

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