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The Challenges of SEO for Real Estate

With 92% of home buyers using the internet during the buying process (NAR 2014), and many sellers entering the market first as buyers – a strong internet presence should be a priority for real estate agents. Unfortunately, even with so many agents ignoring their online profiles, Real Estate may still be the most challenging industry in which […]

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Best of 2015

Top 10 (plus two) SEO Blogs of 2015

During the course of a normal week of researching content for an SEO Roundup blog post I write for SteamFeed, I skim about 500 SEO articles (then read the best) from approximately 90 different SEO/Marketing blogs that I subscribe to. From those blogs, I have compiled a list of the Top SEO blogs for the […]

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Meta Description Tag Best Practices

While the Meta Description Tag is still part of most SEO services, plug-ins, software packages, and discussions, it no longer actually contributes to SEO or your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. This has led to wide spread  indifference regarding the MDT – resulting in it either being ignored completely, or written with little thought or effort. […]

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