BookSmart: Social Media Explained – Mark Schaefer

“We have grown to love broadcasting, advertising, and press releases and that is what many companies are shoving through their social channels. Their approach to the social web is ‘A-ha! Another place for us to advertise?’

And they routinely fail.

To be successful in this most human channels, with this historic opportunity to create consistent, small provocations that lead to engagement and loyalty, we must adopt a new mindset. The Social Media Mindset”

~ Mark Schaefer, Social Media Explained

social media explained by Mark SchaeferAlthough I’m an experienced social media user, I don’t consider myself a social media marketing expert. However, it wasn’t until I read Social Media Explained, that I realized how much more I still have to learn 🙂

Social Media Explained moves beyond the specifics of any one social media platform, to address the practical concepts behind social media marketing  success.

Far from a dry academic text, Mark draws on his experience as a professional educator, speaker and expert marketer to weave real-world examples and case studies into the narrative, creating an easy-to-read, interesting, and educational social media marketing book.

By far the best social media marketing book I’ve read, I strongly recommend Social Media Explained (not an affiliate link) for all DIY small business owners, enterprise level CEOs and CFOs  charged with implementing or overseeing social media marketing for their company, and all self-proclaimed “social media marketing experts”.

Mark Schaefer is also the author of The Tao of Twitter – my next read, Born to Blog, and Return on Influence  (Not affiliate links).

Thanks for reading! What other marketing books would you recommend?





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